American Fibre Green Products Falling Below Expectations, Public Left To Wonder What’s Next (AFBG)

The buzz surrounding American Fibre Green Products (OTC: AFBG) continues to increase, creating the potential for the stock to rise to new heights. Such a balancing act is common with penny stocks and is a privy consequence to the dynamic nature of the stock market.

However, it also brings up the problem of risks – should you invest heavily into a stock that is receiving so much buzz about investment?  The problem is that everyone is thinking along the same lines, resulting in a stalemate between stock potential and actual stock success.

Today is a prime example of the kind of fine line smaller companies such as American Fibre have to walk: the company saw a disappointing 17% drop at the end of trading. This is the lowest it has been over the last three months. Inevitably, it is an unfortunate result for a company that had been balancing so well for so long.

American Fibre Green Products is a company that engages in the fiberglass reclamation manufacturing of fiberglass leisure products, all of which are created from virgin material.  Furthermore, the company has developed, tested and placed into commercial production a new reclamation fiberglass product. Essentially, American Fibre creates quality fiberglass products for numerous companies and their products.

The fiberglass industry is a lucrative one as fiberglass is becoming a replacement for many other industrial materials, including plastic. Still, the company has struggled over the last six months, failing to gain any consistent ground on many of its competitors.

The one positive that still remains, despite the dismal returns it has experienced, is that there is still a lot of people, analysts included, who believe in the company. recently reported that the company would explode into the stratosphere very soon. Such promise likely still exists due to the Earth-friendly nature of the products. A good example is the recycling system used by the company,.  American Fibre saves old fiberglass from the landfill, recycles it with a ‘green’ patented process and then turn it into new useable products , such as tires, sea walls and even picnic tables.  The variety they are able to produce is enormous, implicating that the market is there if they know how to properly exploit it. American Fibre is a company that is fully using green technology, a technology that still in infancy – relatively speaking – but as more and more countries realize the importance of sustaining the planet, it will become that much more relevant.

One of the interesting aspects of American Fibre is the ambiguous nature of its employees. There are very few press conferences – even fewer press releases –  which generally means one of two things. It may suggest that the company is faltering and simply doesn’t have anything positive to say. Or, the ‘seal of silence’ may be due to turbo-charged activity related to creating a billion dollar brand.

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