Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA) And BoTEC Medical Enter Into A International Private Label Supply Agreement

Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA), better known for developing and commercializing silicon nitride ceramics, executed an international private label supply agreement with BoTEC Medical. As per the reports, BoTEC Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of WinnTi Medical Group in China.

This agreement initiates a long-term collaborative relationship between both the companies.

Road Ahead

As part of this international private label supply agreement, Amedica Corporation will offer silicon nitride spinal interbody fusion devices to BoTEC Medical, so that it can use its global network to distribute them worldwide.

The senior management team of Amedica is pleased to announce this collaboration and hopes that the extensive network of BoTEC will help it increase distribution and sales of fusion devices in the coming months. According to Dr. Sonny Bal, CEO & Chairman, Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA), this association is an evidence of how quickly Amedica’s silicon nitride technology platform has got international validation.

Dr. Bal further added that ever since Amedica launched its second generation of silicon nitride interbody fusion devices in 2014, it has been working hard on a multi-channel approach to making silicon nitride biomaterial accessible to a broad range of audience. BoTEC Medical is one of the fastest developing orthopedic companies in China and is growing its international presence at a swift pace.

Amedica is pleased to partner with it and share the same vision to expand reach to millions of customers around the globe.

BoTEC Medical’s management team is equally delighted as Amedica. Company’s CEO, Waldo Shan, said that his company sought for unique biotech solutions with perfect value proposition, and Amedica is the perfect company to do that. Going forward, both the companies will try to improve the lives of patients and meet the increasing surgeon demand in the market with the help of this partnership. They will make available further information to all the shareholders at a future date.

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