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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Launches New Program To Pay Shoppers For Their Shopping Data Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has launched a new program called Amazon Shopper Panel. The new program lets users make money by uploading ten shopping receipts per month.

New program to give user option of earning for their data

The eCommerce giant seeks to gain information about users’ purchasing activity beyond its platform in exchange for monetary incentives. Users can exchange their shopping data and answering short surveys to get some money. The program is an invitation-only, opt-in program, letting participants earn monthly rewards by sharing information.

Participants can upload the eligible receipts each month through the Amazon Shopper Panel app or by taking pictures of the receipts and forwarding them to Users will earn $10 towards a charitable donation or Amazon Balance. Also, for every survey completed, participants will earn more rewards each month. Some of the receipts that one can upload include those of retailers like drug stores, grocery stores, department stores, and entertainment outlets like theme parks, movie theatres, and restaurants. Interestingly Amazon Go, Whole Foods, and all Amazon-themed or owned stores will not count.

The program’s objective is to help brands offer better products and make relevant ads on Amazon. The company has indicated that the data from the program will be used anonymously. Amazon has also indicated that some details, such as prescription information will be deleted from the receipt.

Amazon criticized how it handles personal data

Amazon has been under scrutiny regarding the amount of data it collects and how it users. Regulators have indicated that tech giants yield too much power and have been criticized for their invasive privacy practices. But in this case, the company stated that it will use the data to help business enhance their advertising on Amazon and provide better products.

Recently the company unveiled touchless payment methods that allow uses to pay by just waving a hand over a sensor. This could face criticism from those that will not be willing to offer the company their biometric data.

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