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Amazon Criticizes Bernie Sanders’ Efforts In The Fight For A Better Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders ha through a tweet disclosed that he remains unperturbed on his quest to hold a meeting with Mason workers. The senator will travel on Friday to Alabama, outlining that he wants to understand why Amazon has been channeling millions in efforts to stop its workers from joining a union that would help them fight for better working conditions.

Sanders blasts Amazon’s CEO

Sanders outlines that the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos happens to be the richest man worldwide and that it doesn’t make sense that his company remains oppressive to workers. The official believes that workers deserve better working conditions, wages, and benefits. He vows to stand with them in their fight for improved working conditions.

The CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer business Dave Clark has tweeted severally, downplaying the senator’s commitment. The tweets show Clark defending Amazon’s labor practices, his sharp criticism of Vermont’s senator, and his push for a higher minimum wage.

Sanders’ push for a progressive workplace

Clark welcomes the senator to Birmingham, outlining that he doesn’t have an issue with Sanders’ promotion of a progressive workplace. The leader discloses that he has always considered his company to be a prominent advocate of employers but doesn’t consider that “explanation” the ideal description. He outlines that Amazon has been at the frontline in the promotion and support of a progressive workplace.

Clark comes out rather critical to the senator, providing details about the situation in Sander’s backyard. The leader says that Vermont’s minimum wage continues to stand at $11.75 an hour below the $15 per hour, Amazon’s starting pay.

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum has been checking out the exchanges between the two leaders and further criticizing Clark over his inflammatory tweets. Appelbaum described the leader’s tweets as tone-deaf and somewhat arrogant. The official believes that Amazon is insincere in its claims, asserting that its wage pay still falls below what workers in the unionized warehouses nearby receive. The official also claims that Amazon’s rate is still below Alabama’s median wage.

Appelbaum says that the company has not been showing regard to its workforce’s safety and health. The official wants the company to consider treating its workers with respect and dignity.

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