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To spur growth in bookings,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has unveiled a new destinations website for weekend getaways for the U.S. Travelers.

Amazon’s local brand Amazon Destinations allows customers to search for available hotels in a selected location. Its scope currently includes the Northeast, Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.

According to Skift, the destinations comprise a wide gamut of property options such as B&Bs, independents and hotel chains.

Amazon has been in hotel reservations business in the recent past. The new initiative is likely to upset its competitors such as Tripadvisor Inc (NASDAQ:TRIP) provided the company puts in considerable efforts to make reviews for hotel accommodations more efficient.

The newly launched site displays standard room rates on a daily basis similar to that of the traditional portal. Before the introduction of this portal, Amazon used to display deep discounts of locations that were waiting to fill vacant beds.

Currently, the scope of Amazon Destinations is limited to a small area in the U.S. The company may consider expansion of its business to other areas as well if it could win customers.

If Amazon succeeds in this arena, the rivals may consider it as a serious competitor in the hotel accommodation area.

Amazon Swiftly introduces Amazon destinations, the much awaited hotel brand, and product

Skift announced in November that Amazon would soon introduce an innovative hotel service.

According to Skift, the new hotel service would include new destinations like standard rate hotels, which are at a driving distance for getaways from major cities, and not just steep discounted offers of hotels that intend to fill vacant rooms. For the past several years, Amazon was engaged in offering deep discounted offers only via its Amazon local.

With the new initiative, Amazon Local has transformed into new Amazon Destinations. The home page of travel site now boasts hotels in the North East, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California.

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