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Several Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) workers risk losing their jobs if they go through with the plan to criticize the company’s business practices. The workers are openly criticizing the retail giant’s record on climate change.

Over 330 workers could lose jobs for speaking up

Over the weekend, around 330 employees of Amazon signed their names and job titles on a post on Medium to support colleagues warned of speaking to criticize the company’s climate record. The Amazon Employees for Climate Justice published quotes from the employees in the Medium post. The publishing to the comments of workers attributed to Amazon by name is a defiance to the retailer’s policy that bars its employees from publicly commenting on issues without approval from executives or corporate justification.

Under the retail giant’s external communication policy, workers might receive punishment for speaking publicly about the company without receiving authorization. However, that was the plane of the organizers who thought having hundreds of employees dissenting would make it hard for the company to punish them. Early this month, the advocacy group said that Amazon had sent letters to the employees who are part of the group warning them against speaking to the press.

Amazon workers determined to speak up

In a statement, Amazon’s software development engineer Sara Tracy indicated that they have a moral responsibility for speaking up. However, those changes in communication policy have been preventing employees from exercising that responsibility. But the company maintains that the external communications policy has not changed, and it is in line with other companies. Amazon insists that the policy applies to everyone and is not meant for a particular group.

The company’s role in the climate crisis has been alarming despite announcing measures to minimize emissions and impact in the future. It has nevertheless continued to support oil and gas industries as well as enhanced efforts to mute employees according to queue management analyst Scott Ogle.

Amazon has, however, indicated that it will be net-zero carbon in the next two decades with 100% renewable energy use by 2030.

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