Amazon.Com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Custom E-Reading Font Bookerly Is Now Available On Kindle For Ios

Lisa Ray - May 28, 2015

A week ago, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) released an e-book reading font to boost the appeal and quality of its Google Play books., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has followed suit with the introduction of the new e-reading font for Kindle iOS.

Amazon proudly revealed the new feature called Bookerly as an e-reading font exclusively designed for Kindle. The feature was introduced to Kindle Fire digital screens towards the end of 2014. It has been featuring in a few other devices since then.

Brookerly is now Kindle app’s default font. It is a worthy replacement for the previous default font known as Caecilia. The font is a custom made Typeface which looks better than the previous one just by the first look. It houses a Slab serif that brings out the headlines as intended rather than making them look like part of the body of content.

A deeper look at content using Brookerly reveals that it arranges the content in a more sophisticated and mature manner. Additionally it makes the content much easier and homey for smaller devices. The overall effect is a more satisfying and strain-free reading experience.

Since its introduction, this is the first time that Brookerly is making appearances on other hardware outside, Amazon’s scope. The feature is now available for devices that run on iOS. The company revealed that it will introduce a typesetting engine. According to the report, the company has plans to make drop caps, images and texts adjust automatically to any font settings and screen size.

A self-adjusting feature will be a very useful introduction to put Amazon e-reading on the advantage for more appeal. Despite all the good news, Amazon’s Kindle applications have not yet received updates. However, there is a way to go around it. One can do an online search for a copy of the font and load it using limited devices.

The new fonts are promising for online reading as companies providing this service have identified the flaws that were limiting the performance. The introduction is also based on an opportune time where people have started to embrace fully the online culture.

Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray

Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Purdue University and 3 years of experience in the publishing field.

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