, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) Will Shut Down Most of its Physical Book Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced shutting down most of its physical stores. This will include 68 of its Amazon Pop Up, Amazon 4-Star, and Amazon Books locations in the U.K and the U.S. The company will instead focus on its fashion and grocery stores.

Experts are not shocked by the news as Amazon’s physical stores have not performed well as its online stores. Amazon has still not stated when it will close the locations. Reports indicate that the change will depend on the location itself.

Amazon introduces cashier-less service to Whole Foods 

Meanwhile, Amazon has launched its cashier-less services to a Whole Food Store. The Just Walk Out Technology will enable customers to pay for things from the store without the help of a cashier. While this store is not the first Amazon store to have this technology, it is the first Whole Foods. Before this, Amazon expanded the service to its Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go stores.

Amazon is also placing the Healthyoga Yoga High-Waisted Leggings on sale. The platform will sell the famous leggings at $17.50, with members of Amazon Prime getting free shipping.

These leggings, which are made from spandex and polyester, are soft. They also have a four-way stretch to enable you to move smoothly while exercising or walking and moisture-wick to absorb sweat. Moreover, the fabric can retain its shape after a workout and look flattering.

Another product that Amazon is offering is the Okay Brightening Eye Cream. This product will go for $19.65 after the platform initially sold it for $24.99. The product has many positive reviews from customers. While the manufacturer claims the eye cream can give you results after 28 days, many of its reviews indicate it could happen sooner.

Ozon Holdings (NASDAQ: OZON) is on the list of sanctioned Russian businesses

For the past few years, Ozon Holdings (NASDAQ: OZON), a Russian e-commerce company, has seen tremendous growth. People have referred to the company as the Russian Amazon. Its shares which reached $62 in April 2021, have now dropped to $11.60. Moreover, Nasdaq is no longer trading its shares.

This change comes after the U.S, Europe, and other countries imposed sanctions on Russia due to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Ozon is now trying to remove Ozon Bank from the list of institutions under sanctions claiming that it is an error.

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