, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) Will Allow Users to Convert ePub Files to Amazon Format, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) will finally support the ePub ebook format. Though it has taken fifteen years for the company to decide, it is still important as most online bookstores use this format. However, the company will not support the format directly but instead give readers the option to convert to ePub to a format compatible with Amazon.

Amazon is shutting down six more Whole Foods Stores

Despite Amazon announcing in May 2021 that it was going to expand its Whole Foods venture, the company has instead closed several stores. This seems to be happening again as the company has stated its intent to close six more stores in four States. Fortunately, Amazon has assured people that the decision does not affect its intent to expand the venture.

Amazon warehouse employees decide not to unionise

It has been a few weeks since Amazon employees in New York won the right to unionise. While the news was met with excitement across the country, a startling decision by another warehouse not to unionise has shocked many.

This news isn’t good for the ALU, which has wanted to increase its bargaining power by helping other warehouses unionise successfully. Amazon, on the other hand, sees the news as a positive after the company posted unimpressive financial results.

Amazon has also gotten to the opportunity to officially challenge the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) division in Brooklyn. The company claims that the organisation favoured the ALU during the unionisation vote. Amazon has presented more than 25 allegations, including claims that the board intimidated workers so they would vote for the union. The company will present its complaints in front of the NLRB in Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Nandan Nilekani, a tech billionaire and started his intent to level the playground between small merchants and giant retailers like Amazon and Walmart through an open technology network.

Twitch, a live-streaming platform which Amazon owns, is thinking about how it could pay its creators while also increasing its profits. The company is considering changes like reducing the subscription fee for Twitch’s biggest streamers and encouraging creators to run more ads. Reports indicate that the company could implement these changes soon.

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