, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) Employees Are Leaving Their Jobs Due to Burnout

The New York Times recently published a report that revealed that several, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) employees quit due to the company’s heavy workload. The report reiterated that the company’s rate of losing employees would be delisted.

Since its inception, Amazon has employed many employees to meet consumers’ demands. However, the heavy numbers of employees the company hires are less than the number of employees that quit the company in a year.

The report speculates that as of October 2021, Amazon lost a minimum of 350,000 employees. An ex-employee revealed that the company lost employees due to the nature of the tasks and constant burnout.   The employee also revealed that the company utilizes various forms of technology to track the employee’s productivity.

Following the report, a representative from Amazon stated that it only uses the Attrition mode, which is equivalent to one data point that can’t be used alone. However, the representative failed to answer any of the claims tabled by the previous employees.

Consumers launched complaints about Amazon’s computing platform

Several consumers from Amazon recently lodged complaints about the company’s computing platform. As a result, Amazon Web Services suffered an outage and affected consumers from around the globe. Amazon’s representative stated that the outage began in West Virginia and proceeded to the other areas.

The outage disrupted several of Amazon’s applications and third-party activities that rely on the platform. Amazon apologized for the disruption that led to the impairment of various networks.

Amazon plans to acquire podcasts

The platform recently announced its intention to acquire podcasts such as ‘My Favorite Murder and others. Amazon acquires the podcasts, and the networks that broadcast them, the recent media platform that Amazon acquired includes Exactly Right Media and others.

Very little information about the agreement has been disclosed; however, the company promised to do so quickly. Other projects include the video games lineup for February 2022. The games listed include Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny 2, and others.

The company recently issued an offer for selected Rak tools. The prices were reduced by 45 percent, and the company promised its consumers another sale in the next few weeks.

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