Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google Says Young Users Prefer TikTok and Instagram Relative to Search and Maps

Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google seems to be facing a threat from TikTok for its business beyond YouTube. Google’s core services, including Maps and Search, could be impacted by the increasing preference for social networks and video clips as younger users’ first stop in their path to discovery.

Young users prefer TikTok and Instagram. 

While speaking during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference on the future of the company’s products and AI use, Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s SVP for Knowledge and Information, acknowledged the impact of the social media application. In the discussion, Raghavan indicated that younger users were turning to applications such as TikTok and Instagram rather than Google Maps and Search for discovery purposes.

Raghavan stated that they are discovering that new internet users don’t share the company’s expectations or frame of mind s they have been accustomed to assuming. He said that the question they as are different, and rather than searching for content using keywords, these consumers like to explore it in fresh, immersive ways.

Older internet users might find it difficult to comprehend using a social video application to find a restaurant, but over time, this trend might threaten Google’s fundamental businesses of search and discovery, to not forget the ads that are sold in response to those kinds of searches. These findings suggest that younger users no longer always begin their journey on Google, even though they may ultimately launch some form of navigational maps software. The organization, curation, and recommendations of different companies over the years, like local restaurants, as well as the development of discovery tools for Google Maps, may have been lost on such youthful internet users.

Google updates Maps with augmented reality. 

Instead of making users choose a route based on a blue sphere blinking on the screen, Google Maps now incorporates augmented reality to assist users in orienting themselves in their area. At its worldwide developers’ conference Google I/O, the firm also recently unveiled additional updates to Google Maps, including new 3D modalities and immersive displays that lessen the app’s resemblance to a paper map.

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