Alphabet Inc Class C’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Former Chief Advisor Gives Prediction on Company’s Future amid European’s Judgement

In a recent interview with Parmy Olson, one of the company’s former employees, Sridhar Ramaswamy, stated that Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) had created a dynamic ecosystem. However, social platforms such as Reddit pose a challenge, thus beginning a slow but ultimate end for the company.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, online consumer presence increased by 20% during the lockdown and 17% in 2021. However, as the pandemic ends, Google needs to grab all the attention. Ramaswamy further stated that after the increase comes to a stop, a few companies, such as TikTok, won’t be affected due to its innovative content.

Google announces Roboto font update

The company recently announced the latest version of its Roboto font that is returning serifs known as Roboto Serif that makes it possible to combine the sans-serif versions. Roboto is one of Google’s longest-used fonts and has seen several updates since its inception. San-serif’s styles are returning with a bang following decades of updates.

A few of Google’s consumers have seen the dark mode feature on their mobile phones and desktops. However, its release has been slower than expected. The company tweeted that the testing of the dark mode sometimes last year for its consumers with poor eyesight.

The platform also intends to fix WIFI and Bluetooth issues for consumers who bought the latest Pixel 6 phone. Following a review on Reddit, Google acknowledged the issue and promised to resolve it as soon as possible. The connectivity issues followed after the company installed a security update to its products at the beginning of February.

How Ireland’s data protection developments will affect Google’s stock

Dmitry Gerasimenko, Google’s CEO, recently stated that Google was an advertising platform, and any moves that hinder consumers’ privacy will harm their business. However, Ireland’s data protection authorities are about to rule on whether data transfer to the U.S. is legal.

Ireland authorities review the platform’s activities without an executed agreement that authorizes them to transfer data out of the country. If Ireland decides that the activities are illegal, several U.S. tech organizations could misplace another means of transporting data.

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