Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Will Authorize Access to Chrome OS Flex

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) recently announced that it would be authorizing its users to access the latest version of Chrome OS known as Chrome OS Flex. The feature is created for businesses, startups, and schools located across the globe and accessed on computers such as old PCs and Macs.

The company published an article revealing the steps users should follow to install the new OS while assuring users that the installation only required a few minutes. In addition, Google recently revealed its plans to renovate the features of its applications, including the Workspace Cloud applications.

Applications that Google will update 

The workspace apps that the company intends to update include Gmail, Google Drive, and others. For example, Google Drive’s updates will enable users to browse the web faster and more efficiently. In addition, the updated features in the drive make it easier for all users in the workspace to access the files.

There aren’t many consumers who understand the potential of assets under management to develop their firm via the Google local park platform. The platform enables a massive section of searches on the first page of the Google search, resulting in more awareness for your business or firm.

The platform also favors small organizations and startups in the country, thus saving money spent in a different area. This study follows the company’s announcement that it was changing the tracking authorizations to various applications.

Google is reducing the ability for third-party applications to track a user’s conduct across the applications provided by the web. The company plans to introduce this move within the next few years.

India bans Sea Ltd leading to a $16 billion loss

Sea Ltd, a Singapore based company, recently recorded a drop in its stocks after India banned its famous mobile gaming name. The company recorded a loss of at least $16 billion which worries investors as they predict that the ban is the least of their worries.
India has banned several Chinese related applications since 2020. However, the ban of the gaming company surprised many as it still has various projects available in India.

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