Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Has Added Video and Phone Calls to Gmail

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced voice and video calls for Google Chat in the Gmail app for Android and iOS devices. Although Google had previously announced the feature in September, it has just launched it for people with Google accounts, Gsuit, and Google Workspace.

Google wants to make Gmail its communication center

While it was previously possible to make a call from the Gmail app, one had to send an invite through the Google Meet Video conferencing feature, which was tedious. Now Google has placed icons for phone and video calls on top of one-on-one chats to make it simpler.

Although this is a small addition to the app, it works towards Google’s goal of making Gmail the center for all its communication. In the current Gmail app, emails now appear among three other tabs, which are, Meet, Spaces, and Chat.

Google’s Year in Search data which monitors the highest annual growth, is out. The trending search for 2020 was Indie style. This year, some of the top 10 trends include cottage core outfits, festival outfits, 90s outfits, preppy outfits, and rave outfits.

When Jane McGonigal sent Google her Pixel 5a to repair, someone, stole and hacked it. Now McGonigal is warning people not to send their phones to Google. Google claimed it did not receive McGonigal’s phone. However, her FedEx tracking information indicated that the phone arrived at the Pixel repair facility in Texas. She later received payment for the lost device. At this time, McGonigal noticed that someone had used her phone and logged into her accounts.

Google hires former, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) employees 

Google has also hired Miriam Daniel, a former, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) employee, to help with Google Maps. Daniel is the new Vice President for Maps Experience. Daniel is not the only former Amazon employee to move to Google. Alex Spinelli, who also worked on Alexa, is now a vice president for Google.

Spinelli will work on TensorFlow, a software Google created to make artificial intelligence systems.

Meanwhile, Google had added Pluto TV to its live TV options. While Google supports over 300 live TV channels, most are free, except for Sling, Philo, and YouTube TV.

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