Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Engineer Reveals How They Made Over $1 Million in Total Annual Compensation

During the recent ask-me-anything” session via the Blind platform, Alphabet Inc Class C’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) director of engineering stated that employees earned $1.5 million in total compensation. The engineer gained experience working for big software companies such as Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) and PayPal Holdings Inc (NYSE: PYPL). In addition, he shared how Google recruited and offered them career advice. 

The firsthand career advice included tips on managing 150 engineers and others. The career guidance offered by the software engineer also applies to people in other jobs and non-tech roles.

The Google engineer further added that the company’s interview process is slow as a potential employee meets up with several directors and vice presidents. In addition, being talented at what you do isn’t a skill set for the company because personal, social, and communication skills become critically important as one rise within an organization

Apple and Google oppose new consumer legislation 

The Senate Judiciary Committee is inching towards passing legislation that protects the consumers. Companies such as Apple and Google have written letters opposing the new legislation. However, several smaller tech companies support the proposed legislation.

The two proposed legislation include The American Innovation and Choice Online Act. The legislation prevents companies from favoring services over others, and the Open App Markets Act aims to promote competition on app stores.

The latest update of the Google Pixel’s reviews is not pleasant as one can’t control the volume of a multi-zone Google Cast speaker group. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that Google copied Sonos Inc’s (NASDAQ: SONO) technology and threatened to block imports unless Google implemented five specific software tweaks. 

One of Sonos’ patents specifically dealt with controlling the volume of a multi-zone speaker group. The company’s actions might have enabled other manufacturers to do what the Pixel failed to. 

Google modifies white noise feature in Google Assistant

After receiving several complaints about the white noise offered by the Google Assistant, the company made reasonable modifications to it. The white noise was to help block out noise to make it easier to sleep or study. 

Recently announced that it had fixed what it describes as an issue, and the sound should work like it used to. The company also offers ambient sounds such as forest sounds and rain sounds. 

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