Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Disputes the European Union’s Decision To Fine It $1.6 Billion

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) recently vented at the European Union for allocating the platform a hefty fine that identifies it as a criminal organisation. The organisation accused the platform of opposing other advertising opponents on certain websites. During the hearing, Google stated that the conclusion made by the organisation constituted several errors and that it constituted a review.

The organisation charged the giant technology a fine of 1.49 billion euros, equivalent to $1.6 billion; the case concentrated on the platform’s part when working as an ad broker. The trial also focused on the platform’s exclusivity contracts between Google and its consumers. The European Union further alleged that the platform enforced various restrictive terms in the agreements with its partners, thus hindering its opponents from advertising.

Google faces a lawsuit due to issues with its Fitbit devices 

Sometimes in March 2022, the giant tech company declared that it was calling up an average of 1.7 million Fitbit Iconic smartwatches after several complaints. However, the tech giant faces a lawsuit alleging that the calling up wasn’t extensive and the abnormality found in all Fitbit gadgets. The court documents allegedly claim that the device possesses similar abnormalities, including overheating, thus leading to various fire dangers.

Further, the lawsuit alleges that the platform diverted the blame and cited the consumers’ hygiene as the influencing factor. In events where the gadget got called up, Several employees criticised that the compensation was little to nothing. The lawsuit coincides with the anticipation of a bill that would severely affect Google’s bottom line if passed into law. If passed into legislation, the tech giant faces pressure to dispose of some sections of its profitable advertising business.

Central Intelligence Agency is donating to Sandbox AQ

One of the Central Intelligence Agency’s firms recently announced that it was donating extra capital to Sandbox AQ. The reputable software is Google’s by-product that targets artificial intelligence and quantum science collection. This announcement follows after the platform made some updates to its Pixel 6 phone. The company thus announced that it was issuing updates to its affected devices after receiving complaints.

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