Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Changes Its Guidelines For Apps That Record Calls

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) recently altered its play store guidelines to shut down any third-party applications that utilise call recording requirements. The big tech platform further announced that implementing these guidelines will be effected on May 11, 2022, thus giving app developers time to comply with the changes.

Google is placing strict measures to ensure that call recording applications present in its play store cannot record the calls on the app.

The new guidelines affect various factors of the applications, including the accessibility section, among others. During the launch, Dan Jackson, the company’s representative, stated that the authorisation of call recording was a disappointment to the company’s API. Jackson further stated that Google created the tool to cater to people with disability and not maintain call records.

The platform recently announced that its cloud media CDN would enable organisations to develop on YouTube’s network. YouTube distribute a minimum of one billion videos to its consumers each day.

The competing sites cannot keep up with the network, thus earning extra funds through advertising and selling online products. Google now intends to use the network to provide exclusivity to its Media CDN creation.

Google’s Doodle shows how people are destroying the planet 

Google recently committed its Doodle to help show people how our actions affect the earth. The platform dedicated Doodle on the recent Earth’s day. Doodle gave a footprint on how inhabitants are destroying the earth, that is, Australia’s coral fading due to water loss and the disappearance of glaciers on natural beauties such as Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Google’s warning is a wake-up call for people to be more mindful of their environment.

Google Accidental leak sparks praise from consumers 

The company accidentally revealed the design of nine-pixel watches that were still under development. A company representative allegedly forgot the prototypes in a restaurant, thus allowing a good Samaritan to obtain them and get in touch with Android Central to test their capabilities.

The design of the prototypes exceeded the consumer’s expectations, regardless of how they were leaked. Android Central allegedly attempted to reboot the watches. However, they were unable to, and the watches only presented Google’s logo after being switched on.

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