Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Announces New Google One Membership for Mobile Customers

Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced that T-Mobile has a new Google One membership option. This service will be available for customers that use the company’s unlimited backup photo storage service.

The service will come with original resolution video and photo backups for Google Photos, all perks that come with having a Google One membership and a cloud storage space of 2TB. Moreover, it will cost $15 monthly.

Google users pay for more storage since the company stopped offering it for free

In 2021, Google stopped offering free photo storage. This move led to people searching for new storage options. While the company still offered free 15GB storage, this was not enough for people who took numerous photos. This group would have to pay for the Google One membership to get more storage.

Google charged $2 monthly for 100GB cloud storage and $10 monthly for 2TB storage. The latter came with more benefits, including 10% credit back from purchases on Google Store and VPN.

Details of the offer

The new offer allows users to get unlimited storage. However, it is only available for users of Mobile. As 2TB is more than enough to store photos for many users, Google allows them to share their storage space with five more people. However, the benefits only apply to the person purchasing the plan.

In addition, not all Mobile members will be eligible for the service. It will only go to those with an IOS or Android device. People who only have a Google child account, Google workspace account, or business accounts on Mobile are not eligible. T-Mobile already has other Google One plans for its customers. These are a $5 subscription for 500GB and a $10 subscription for 2TB.

Furthermore, T-Mobile offers its customers a 30-day trial to test the new service and see if they like it. After the trial period, they could either cancel the subscription or continue with it. If they choose to subscribe permanently to the service, they will be billed directly via T-Mobile.

Google has stated that it will launch the service on April 26. Customers who already have a Google One subscription would have to cancel it and then subscribe to the Mobile service.

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