Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Other Big Tech Companies Retain Top Talent Due to Restricted Stock Grants

The big tech companies, such as Google, hunt to employ talented employees to retain their position in the stock market. The stock market decline led a few big tech institutions to alter their stock grants. 

The companies anticipate increasing their profits by recruiting, retaining, and motivating their employees. Recently, authorities are restricting the grants offered by big tech companies to startups, which makes their budgets evolve

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, recently granted stock awards to its top executive officers to contribute to its performance during the fourth quarter. The company’s performance will run from 2022 to 2024 based on the shareholder’s returns. 

Google releases Android 13 developer preview

Google recently released its first Android 13 developer preview and provided information for the mobile’s OS update. The installed features such as language control privacy measures, among others. The company is also adding a feature to allow a user to match a phone’s wallpaper with its color palette. Some of the phones that will have the quality include Tecno and Oppo. However, the company still has a few improvements to implement from the released previews. 

Google is adding new features to Chrome that allows users to revisit the previous browsing history based on searching items. In addition, the site should have a feature that will enable the user to resume their research which issues links that the user visited in the previous sessions. 

The Google workers elections are nearing

The Communication Workers of America, founded by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board, announced elections for Missouri’s google workers. The polls are for the employees to vote for or against joining the Alphabet Workers Union. 

The employees initially listed Alphabet Inc as a joint employer while filing their petition. However, the CWA delisted the company because unnecessary litigation could delay the election. 

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) is publicly calling out Google following the strict rules that Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) developed. In addition, Meta alleged that the restrictions by Apple aren’t fair as the latter is allowed to sell personalized ads on certain phones. These allegations follow the company’s criticism for failing to protect European Union’s citizens.

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