All Eyes on Global Gaming Network, Impressive Turnaround Imminent (GBGM)

As recently reported, Global Gaming Network (OTC: GBGM) has faltered slightly.  Even so, all eyes remain focused on the company’s ability to bounce back, suggesting a possible turnaround.

Could a bounce back be just around the corner? The company is dedicated to the development and distributing of digital entertainment for both online and mobile platforms. Its biggest asset is that it owns, a specialized website that’s one of the leaders in independent mobile sports information service in the United States and Canada.

Yesterday, Global Gaming announced that it had entered into an affiliate arrangement with and leading online gaming operators, Goldbet GmbH. This announcement was followed by a phenomenal day in the stock market, surging up to $.49 from $.37. This type of affiliate-based relationship could have far-reaching effects in the now 6 billion dollar SMS content delivery industry. With such collaboration, Global Gaming now has the ability to provide its North American subscribers with the ability to win cash prizes from their mobile phones.

In other words, the company’s ability to make more money has suddenly increased ten-fold.

Websites such as and are urging people to invest heavily into the company. Sure, today the company has fallen into the red; however, this isn’t wholly negative as it means the share prices are some of lowest the company has ever had to offer.  The industry currently has its full attention on Global Gaming, which might actually be a contributing factor to its sudden decline. Penny stock companies often falter when the public eye rests upon them, but often such stumbling is extrinsic by nature, having no direct implication on the potential success of the company. Case in point:  aside from today’s recent downturn, Global Gaming has been catching fire in the last week.

Since June 8th, 2012, the company has skyrocketed to an impressive 150% in gains. What that translates to is that  today’s low has a significant bounce potential. Consider the market the company now has access to – that of the global mobile market. This market has the potential of huge returns as it’s not limited by national borders, but can reach every part of the planet. Compounded by the fact that its information is exclusively sports-related, and this could be a recipe for unparalleled success.

On May 31st, 2012, the CEO of Global Gaming, Stephen Kern, released an open letter to shareholders. The short and concise letter was used to convey to shareholders the company’s two primary goals moving forward. The company’s two goals include:

  1. Identifying new markets for mobile alert services,
  2. Formulating an aggressive plan to introduce and market innovative and affordable mobile messaging platforms.

In addition to these goals, Kern suggested that the company would create a Global SMS platform in the coming months. Flash-forward to two weeks later to see that Kern wasn’t just paying lip service.   Impressively, the company has already started to create such a platform. Typically, the turnaround time between the promise of a CEO and the actuality of such a promise is longer than expected; when it is shorter, as in the case here with Global Gaming, it speaks volumes to the potential success the company can have.

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