It was remarkable progress for the price of Bitcoin to hit the $8,500 mark on Tuesday afternoon. It is resulting in a lot of debates among the interested parties. One investor has given his projections, outlining that it bore the potential to climb even higher in future.

Ohanian’s take

Alexis Ohanian is one of the co-founders of Reddit. He was recently in an interview where he spoke elaborately regarding why he remained bullish on the crypto space. He outlined that he knew everything regarding how quite a large number of people were so much drawn to cryptocurrency and tokens.

Ethereum and Bitcoin are growing in popularity with a lot of people wanting to invest in them. There have been discussions on whether or not they qualify as currencies. However, Ohanian seems much more inclined to the infrastructural aspects this segment.

Ohanian admits that he has been intrigued by cryptos for over quite a long period of time. He was a co-founder to one of the earliest VC firms called Initialized Capital. Reports indicate that this firm was among the first ones to make investments in the exchange.

Price predictions and the turn of events

All along, Ohanian has been following closely on the latest developments in the industry. He has made price predictions about Bitcoin for over quite a long period of time. This official has gotten it right at times. In others he has failed terribly. In spite the ups and downs he still remains enthusiastic about  the crypto sector.

It was at the start of this year that he made his projections. He outlined that by the time the year comes to a close Bitcoin will be standing at $20,000 whereas Ethereum will hit a figure of almost $1,500.It was on Tuesday that the official asserted he was not going to be swayed in relation to his prediction.

He outlined that nothing mattered to him at this point more than the underlying cryptocurrency technology. Ohanian has taken note of the volatility associated Bitcoin. However, he remains optimistic that the price of this crypto will keep moving higher and higher in the long run.