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Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSEMKT:ATNM) Appoints Sandesh Seth As Its New Chief Executive Officer

Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSEMKT:ATNM), a renowned company in the development of innovative targeted payload immunotherapeutics for the treatment of advanced cancers just made the much awaited announcement. The Actinium’s Board of Directors has unanimously appointed its new chief executive officer by the name Mr. Seth. The newly appointed top official is expected to kick start his roles with immediate effect.

Some close sources indicated that Mr. Seth will still be entrusted with his recent roles as the company’s Chairman which had started in October of 2013.The other thing has been the appointment of Steve O’Loughlin who will from now onwards serve the top end company as the new Principal Financial and Accounting Officer.

According to, the company has made a statement saying, “As Executive Chairman, Mr. Seth has been dedicated to advancing the goals of Actinium Pharmaceuticals with a focus on patient outcomes and shareholder value. Under Mr. Seth’s guidance, the Company has made tremendous progress recently, which includes hiring of key personnel such as our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Berger, VP-Clinical and Commercial Strategy, Steven Price, and several senior members of the core manufacturing team.”

Proper management is important for any company to thrive in terms of business. While addressing a number of top news reporters, one of the top officials working with the provider outlined that indeed Mr. Seth’s initiatives were going to help the company move forward. At the moment, the filing of the key intellectual property is ongoing, not forgetting the fact that a number of value enhancing initiatives are being advanced.

Mr. Seth is looking looks forward to assembling a robust team that will generate value. One of the top executives welcomed Seth describing him as a man with great capabilities that will help the company grow. He added that they were very confident that he would deliver and that was based on his track record and experience.

When it finally came to Sandesh Seth’s turn to speak, he started by thanking the company for showing confidence in his leadership. He promised to embrace team spirit in working with others. According to him, team work was a force to reckon with when it came to pushing the company forward.

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