A Close Scrutiny At A $293 Million Deal Between DURECT Corporation (NASDAQ:DRRX) And Sandoz AG Makes Major Revelations

DURECT Corporation (NASDAQ:DRRX) and Sandoz AG recently came together in a joint move to sign into a progressive commercialization and development deal for the U.S. for POSIMIR.

As a matter of fact, POSIMIR is DURECT Corp.’s “locally acting, non-opioid analgesic targeted at providing up to three days of continuous pain relief after a patient undergoes surgery.”

According to a number of the top trusted sources, DURECT went ahead to actually announce Sandoz would move ahead to make an agreed upon upfront payment to DUREC which amounts to about $20 million. The underlying existing potential stands at about an additional $43 million that is associated with the various regulatory as well as the development milestones.

The company’s insiders indicate that a pair of analysts did a remarkable task lauding the Sandoz deal. The healthcare research analyst with Laidlaw & Company, Francois Briseboisis while talking to news reporters said, “we see the deal as relatively heavily front loaded and are encouraged by this large pharma validation. Sandoz’s market presence and resources could truly benefit DRRX and help them take market share from Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:PCRX).”

Some of the top executives working with the provider have lately been quite vocal especially on matters to do with carrying out the heavy lifting to move the company a notch higher in terms of attaining great business success.

There is this word moving about in the company that DRRX’s favorable terms might have culminated from PCRX’s strong FY2017 guidance and there is this outlook at the partnership as a great non-dilutive funding event.

One fact that is coming out pretty clearly is the idea that DRRX since the early times has insisted on the great need to spark a series of negotiations that would see to it that a number of potential partners are brought on board to help hasten the business success it has always looked forward to.

One thing that is for sure is that Sandoz moves in with a great promise of impressive expertise as well as a vibrant hospital presence and leveraging on that would spell out great gain on the part of the provider.

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