22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII), which is a plant biotechnology company that majorly focuses on cannabis research and tobacco harm reduction is excited to announce that its project with North Carolina State University has turned out to be a big success. They have come up with several new Very Low Nicotine (VLN) tobacco varieties which contain no trace of genetic modification or foreign DNA.

Asides from the new Very Low Nicotine varieties forming the basis of other unique 22nd Century VLN products, it also sticks out as the best for use in the provider’s X-22 smoking cessation product in development. According to, the federal regulation won’t treat the new Very Low Nicotine tobacco varieties as “genetically modified.”Additionally, the new proprietary tobacco strains won’t also be subjected to the usual import restrictions and burdensome regulation common in most of the countries globally.

The new proprietary variety as a matter of fact is a true representation of a major improvement on the provider’s successful Very Low Nicotine tobacco. Top analysts say that the new proprietary varieties may be what the company exactly needs to open up large international markets.

22nd Century is at the moment in talks with marketers and distributors in countries with GMO restrictions such as Korea, Japan and India. It hopes that by the end it will convince them to lift the barriers and restrictions. As a result, it will be possible to import products based on the provider’s new non-GMO Very Low Nicotine tobaccos.

There are a number of patents under 22nd Century’s extensive patent portfolio which protect the non-GMO Very Low Nicotine tobacco varieties. Asides from that, the provider’s patents also offer great protection to the second generation varieties whose development is ongoing at the 22nd Century’s own laboratories and at North Carolina State University.

22nd Century’s Vice President for Plant Biotechnology, Dr. Paul Rushton during a recent press conference said, “Because our new non-GMO varieties contain no foreign DNA, these proprietary varieties will open up huge new markets around the world. What’s more, 22nd Century’s second-generation non-GMO VLN tobacco varieties produce an even higher quality tobacco that will further improve our Very Low Nicotine finished products.”